Pello Comfy Cradle - Slip-on Arm Pillow for Baby Nursing - Reversible, Adjustable, Washable, Durable

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Manufacturer Description

The Pello Comfy Cradle offers some much-needed relief for tired and sore arms, so you can keep snuggling and feeding your little one without any discomfort. The simple design features soft and snuggly fabrics that match your other Pello products, and feels soothing against baby's delicate skin. Baby's head and neck will find plenty of support in the Comfy Cradle's cushioning, leading to comfier mealtimes and easier digestion afterwards. The Comfy Cradle's Velcro strip ensures a snug fit around your arm, so you never have to worry about the Comfy Cradle shifting or slipping off your arm while baby relaxes. Even your elbows will enjoy the Comfy Cradle thanks to the seam that runs down the middle of the cushion, allowing plenty of bendability and a full range of motion. On laundry day, the Comfy Cradle's blend of cotton and polyester materials makes for easy cleaning, so baby's burp-ups and other accidents are never a big deal. Best of all, when mealtime is over you can repurpose the Comfy Cradle for tummy time and more. Pello's Comfy Cradle is a simple yet brilliant must-have to make feeding comfier and easier for babies and parents alike. What are Pello Products made of? All Pello products are washable and made of 100% cotton and luxe brushed poly. This fabric combination contributes to the exceptional quality of the Pello products. Our fabrics are baby and child friendly yet fashionable and functional. We use 100% polyester fibers (non-allergenic and chemical free) to stuff Pello products. This creates an extraordinary resilience that maintains its integrity through countless laundering cycles.

Product Features

NURSE AND BOTTLE FEED IN COMFORT: If you've ever gotten a sore or sleepy arm while nursing or feeding your baby, the Pello Comfy Cradle is for you! The soft, yet supportive, Cradle wraps all the way around your arm to keep it protected, and even features a crease down the middle to allow your elbow to bend comfortably. SUPPORTS BABY'S HEAD AND NECK: The Pello Comfy Cradle offers your little one extra soft support for their head and neck while they snuggle in your arms, allowing for better digestion and comfier mealtimes. It is reversible so your baby can rest on cool, moisture-wicking cotton or snuggly, luxe brushed poly. EASY TO FASTEN AND REMOVE: To wrap the Pello Comfy Cradle securely around your arm, just fasten the sturdy Velcro strip in place and slip your arm through. The adjustable Velcro provies a snug hold around your arm, so the Comfy Cradle will never slip or shift as baby relaxes into its soft cushioning. MULTIPURPOSE DESIGN: When you're not nourishing your little one, the Pello Comfy Cradle can be unfastened and flattened out to form a tummy time pillow or a cozy spot for baby to rest. SAFE AND WASHABLE MATERIALS: Made with 100% cotton and luxe brushed poly, the Pello Comfy Cradle is both exceptionally durable and soothingly gentle against baby's skin. A non-allergenic and naturally flame retardant 100% polyester filler keeps your baby safe and sound while they relax. All materials are washable and resilient, so you can count on the Comfy Cradle through countless launderings.

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