Organic Cotton Baby Belly Band, Wrap, Umbilical Cord Navel Belt, Binder for infant colic & gas relief, newborn to 12 months, by MEMEENO

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Manufacturer Description

MEMEENOTM Adjustable Organic Cotton Baby Belly Band

With one of the world's largest collections of modern organic cotton baby belly bands, MEMEENOTM combines quality, safety and style to create a band that is safe, comfortable and fitting for your baby.

This adjustable premium organic cotton baby belly band (wrap, belt, truss, warmer, hernia belt, belly button binder, abdominal binder) is primarily used to keep a baby's tummy warm and protected. It especially helps add needed belly warmth to those babies who don't like to be swaddled.

The band also can stylishly apply modern-day standards to an age-old practice of belly-binding for gas relief and colic relief without using any potentially harmful, costly herbs or heating elements. No gas drops or tubes. A little warmth and compression can really go a long way. The band is best used after giving baby a warm bath.

There are many causes and remedies for gas, colic and fussiness. What works for some babies may not work for others. That's why the MEMEENOTM belly band is a must-have tool for every parent's toolbox. The belly band can also double as a trendy fashion accessory. Dress up those Onsies!

MEMEENOTM Adjustable Organic Cotton Baby Belly Band
• Triple layers of 100% luxuriously soft organic cotton front and back lined with polyester fleece
• 100% organic dyes
• Provides the optimal warmth for your baby's belly
• Protects umbilical cord and belly button area
• Many prints to choose from
• May be used to soothe the symptoms of colic, gas & fussiness
• Baby soft adjustable velcro that grows with the baby
• Durable & made to last
• Gentle to touch, preventing skin irritation and rash
• Free of pesticides and toxic chemicals
• BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free, Anti-bacterial, and eco-friendly
• Perfect & Unique Baby Shower gift

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Product Features

THE SUPER SOFT 100% PREMIUM ORGANIC COTTON FRONT & BACK lined with polyester fleece keeps baby's tummy warm. The luxuriously soft triple layer band can also be used as a natural and safe method to help relieve tummy aches, gas and colic symptoms. No potentially dangerous, costly herbs or heating elements required. No invasive inserting of a lubricated tube. No toxic ingredients or gas drops. CHOOSE FROM MANY PRINTS. PROTECTS UMBILICAL CORD & NAVEL AREA from bacteria or dirt that may come from clothing or diapers. It helps to reduce potential rash or skin irritation in the sensitive navel and belly button region. It can be worn any time, any season, and is best used after giving baby a bath to keep belly warm and cozy. NON-SLIP AND SIZED TO GROW WITH BABY. The band is made with baby soft Velcro that perfectly adjusts to grow with your baby. The band is specially designed to comfortably fit newborn to 12-month-old infants. MANY TRENDY STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM, the bands are designed and inspired in Italy, the exclusive prints offer classic patterns that blend delicate designs with a modern, stylish flare. Dress up those plain Onesies with a trendy belly band! This band makes a unique gift for baby showers. Moms (and Dads) will love it and thank you. WE CARE DEEPLY ABOUT OFFERING safe, stylish, functional and healthy baby wear. That's why we choose the finest 100% premium GOTS-certified organic cotton material. We also use 100% organic water-based dyes for all our exclusive prints. This band is BPA free, phthalate free, latex free, lead free, toxin free, eco-friendly, and washable.

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