Baby Pillow for Newborn Prevent Flat Head Syndrome, Baby Memory Foam Head-Shaping Pillow for Infant with Organic Cotton Case (Beige)

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Manufacturer Description

Vksleep Baby Pillows Are Designed To Prevent And Improve The Baby's Stiff Neck (" FLAT HEAD SYNDROME ")

About 20 percent of babies are born with flat heads and skewed heads because they don't choose the right pillow.
However, this deformed posterior brain is known as "flat head syndrome".

*Clinically, the development of head shape can be assisted by a special pillow used by a baby.

*The baby's head pillow reduces stress and has been shown to produce good results, especially at the first 12 months of age.

Reasons For Choosing Our Baby Pillow:

?Assist and provide healthy and appropriate infant development by reducing neck pressure.
?Expensive replacement baby helmets, which cost up to $3,000, are aimed at the same problem.
?Place the baby in an ergonomic position to keep the skull and spine in place and allow good airflow and better sleep.
?Made of high quality memory foam pads, it is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. The pillowcase soft and gentle, and does not irritate the baby's skin.
?You can gently wash the pillowcase by hand with warm water and natural baby soap and let it dry. Avoid using the machine to clean it, prevent deformation, the pillow core need not be cleaned.
?This lovely pillow can be applied in many aspects, such as in diapers, baby bassinet, baby game pad, breastfeeding (put the pillow on my mother's arms, let the baby can rely on it and eat, Veook continues to work hard to give our babies a round head for our mothers and for the high quality and high quality products.

1. For severe head deformation, pillows are not enough. In this case, consult your pediatrician.
2. The products used by children should be kept clean and comfortable (washing every 3 days is the best choice).

It weighs 8.6 ounces.
Material type: foam, memory foam,cotton.
13.7 x 9.3 x 1.7 inches.
Packing: 1 pillow case; 1 memory foam pillow.

Product Features

?Recommended baby pillow users?:Need to prevent slant head, flat head newborn baby.Babies whose heads have been flattened due to pillow problems need correction.A baby with a restless head and an incorrect sleeping position after sleep.Baby pillow for newborn prevent flat head syndrome prevention shaping on 0-12months. ?Multifunction usage?:When put it on the bed, can use as finalize the design pillow,protect the normal development of baby's head.When you need to use breastfeed, baby pillow head support for breastfeeding.you can put it in your hand and put your baby's head on the pillow to make your baby more comfortable in your arms.The edge of the pillow can be opened,when opened, it can be used as a cushion.The baby slept comfortably, making the mother feel more at ease. ?Baby pillowcase?:pillowcase produced by super-comfortable material,not pilling and not stimulate skin.It is hypo-allergenic,kind to your baby's skin,has comfortable touch feeling and protects your baby's skin. ?Quality Assurance??we are a manufacturer specializing in producing sleep products.This kind of baby pillow for newborn has sold for nearly ten years in China and with our continuous improvement,we have produced the comfortable pillow shape that fits your baby and.We guarantee an unconditional return within 1-year policy.You can contact us at any time if you have questions. ?Scientific design structure?:Due to incorrect sleep posture, newborns can become sleep with small slant head, flat head, convex head, which will affect their head appearance,Wear corrective helmets when serious.Our baby pillow has a concave surface for sleeping,Increase the contact area between baby's head and pillow?reduce the area of force on the head, stick to the baby's head type, let the skull gradually form the natural form.Our baby pillow will give the baby's round head all the time.

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